Discover Luton, our new destination with job opportunities!

We’re happy to announce that we have a new destination with exciting job opportunities! Our client is looking for bilingual and trilingual speakers for their international customer support team in Luton, England. This job is perfect if you are looking for a diverse and challenging career opportunity in the automotive industry!

Luton Town Hall in St. George’s Square

But first and foremost.. let’s look at what Luton has to offer. Luton is a city of around 200.000 habitants in the region of Bedfordshire. The city is only 50km northwest of London, which translates to a mere 40 minutes by train. Apart from it’s great connection to the vibrant capital of England, Luton has even more to offer! For starters, football fans will enjoy the real English football at Kenilworth Road. In this stadium the local team Luton Town Football Club, also known as ‘’The Hatters’’ play their home matches in the English Football League One. Luton is also known for hosting the Luton International Festival, the largest one-day carnival in the UK. This festival usually takes place in June and features spectacular theatre-, dance-, music- and circus performances.

Performers at Luton International Festival

Apart from it’s great location you will find many different pubs, clubs and restaurants in Luton, and you will also be able to enjoy culture and art with the city’s many museums and theatres. Nature lovers will also appreciate the stunning nature and parks in Luton and the countryside of Bedfordshire. Moreover, Luton is home to one of the biggest airports in the UK, meaning that it’s not only very well-connected to London, but also to the rest of the world! From Luton Airport you can fly to destinations all over Europe as well as destinations in Northern Africa and Asia.

So.. why not take on a job opportunity in Luton? Our new client currently offers exciting opportunities for native Dutch, Polish, Portuguese and Danish speakers. Read more about these jobs below:

Dutch Automotive Customer Advisor – Bilingual & Trilingual Speakers

Polish Automotive Customer Advisor – Trilingual Speaker

Portuguese Automotive Customer Advisor – Trilingual Speaker

Danish Automotive Customer Advisor – Bilingual Speaker


Dorien de Vrieze - International Recruiter/Dutch Specialist
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