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Client meeting in Lisbon, Portugal

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MJW & NJW meet for a client meeting in Lisbon, Portugal


Today we are interviewing our French recruiter, Kelly. She has so many interesting things to share about Lisbon.

Alicia: Interviewer
Kelly: Recruiter

A: Have you been to client meetings before?
K:  Yes, I have been to client meetings in Barcelona. But I but have never been abroad to visit, so this was my first travel client meeting.

A: For how many days you were travelling to Lisbon? Was it alone or with other colleagues?
K: I went with some colleagues from the Oslo team, we arrived on Tuesday and I flew back on Friday.

A: Did you have time to do some sightseeing?
K: Yes, we have been in city centre. And we have also tasted delicious food.

A: What do you think about the city, in general? Is it a good place to live and work? What about the food? Are the people nice?
K: I was living in Lisbon for 1 year, it is one of my favourite cities! It is a great place to live, work and meet people from all around the world. The food is tasty and you have so many options. Portuguese people are warm and open minded. And the weather is also brilliant!

A: How many jobs we currently have in Lisbon? Which language and positions?
K: We are currently hiring French, English, Hebrew, Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish speakers for Customer Service, Technical Support and Marketing positions.

A: Why do you think Lisbon is a great city to start an international career?
K: Our clients work with famous brands and this is definitely a good step up in the CV. They also offer the possibility to grow in the company after 6 months. I have been working for one of our clients and it was a really nice experience. I definitely recommend this city to everyone.

A: What is your next client meeting? Are you excited?
K: Next week, all the Barcelona team and some colleagues from Oslo are going to Athens. I’m always exited to travel, I have never been in Greece and this country was in my “to do” list!

A: Something else you want to add for our readers?
K: If someone has any inquiry, they can always reach me out by email: kelly@multilingualjobsworldwide.com,  or add me on my professional Facebook (Kelly Multilingual), I will be more than happy to help!

A: Thank you so much for the nice and short interview, Kelly.
K: See you soon 🙂


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