…but why should I move for a new job?

We have all seen them, those brave people in movies who fall in love with a stranger, who leave everything behind to travel the world, or who get offered the job of their dreams. They all pick up their bags and cut ties with their country.

But why should you do that?

The Multilingual Team visiting Athens in September 2019

Traveling is generally seen as a valuable experience, opening people up to new ideas and ways of life. In fact, it is suggested that it stimulates problem-solving and creativity. But why would you work abroad? Well, turns ous that especially for your professionals, relocating for a new position can be valuable for the following reasons:

  • Stand out from other professionals when you return or move to a next destination
  • Make yourself attractive to multinational organisations, as it proves you can adapt and be flexible
  • Understand different working styles and can take the best of both (or more) worlds
  • Acquire new language skills
  • Get exposure to different types of people and build lasting connections
  • Enjoy lower costs of living and higher life standards

Your motivation can be to do something fun, or to build a career in a certain industry. Or maybe you just want to get away and live in the sun. Regardless of your reason – moving abroad is seen as a win-win situation for your personal development and your professional career.

We understand that there might be a lot of questions arising – where to, what kind of job, which steps need to be taken? – and we are happy to help. Send us an email to elisabeth@multilingualjobsworldwide.com and we can help you answer all the questions and discuss job openings.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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