Barcelona meets Oslo

Hello fellow readers!

today I want to write to you a really nice event that happened this week at MJW…we got to fly to Oslo to meet all our colleagues from Nordic Jobs Worldwide!!

I am actually currently writing from our Oslo office and this is just really exciting! A lot of colleagues from the different offices never met and it was a great way to exchange ideas, chat, get to know each other, have training sessions and finally have a face-to-face encounter!

For me particularly, it was really emotional and exciting to be back in this office were I had my internship… awesome feeling to bring the new team in and show them were it all began.

We landed Wednesday night and Oslo greated us with its usual clowdy weather, so we headed straight to the hotel to get charged up for Thursday, where we had a full day in the office working with everyone. After work, drinks and a great dinner awaited!














Today as well we continued our work from the office and had nice meetings and sessions with everyone. We will be flying back to Barcelona on Sunday so this weekend we will have the opportunity to hang out, enjoy Oslo and hopefully not get too wet!

For now, all that I can say is: THANK YOU NORDIC JOBS and thank-you Oslo for having us… we are surely going to bring back home a lot of positive energy and advice.

I remind you to check both our websites: &


Have a great friday 🙂



Giulia Berardinetti- Office manager & international recruiter
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