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We are living very exceptional times in the world currently and life at our office has been transferred from our beloved office in Bryn to each of our own home offices. However, we want to stay positive and fight through together with our great Worldwiders crew. So, today, we would like to present our next […]



Welcome back dear readers, happy to have you visit our blog again. We appreciate each and every one of you. Today, it is time to talk about one of our new team member additions in more detail. This time we are introducing a new member of our German-speaking team. We are excited to tell you […]



Happy Wednesday! It is time for our introduction bonanza here on our Multilingual blog. If you haven’t already, you can go read about all our other new-starters from our sister brand blog on the Nordic Jobs Worldwide website. It is always fun to know a bit more about the people we are dealing with, the […]


Hi again! This week, we have a special week at the office. We are having a fun competition which includes some playing cards and chasing the best poker hand. One can see how much new energy this has brought to the teams too. However, today it is time to introduce you to another new Multilingual […]


Another Thursday is here and it is time for another introductory post for one of our newer colleagues. You know when sometimes you hit a jackpot with internal hiring? Well, we’ve had a few of those of late and today’s star of the blog post, Jessica, is definitely one of them. In our company, internal […]


Happy hump day all! This week we are continuing our little colleague introductions with another multilingual recruiter who joined the team in the beginning of June. Her name is Elisabeth Verkest and she has been one of the fastest new additions to the team, to get a candidate a job abroad. So, she didn’t need […]


Hello all! As a new addition to our blog here at Multilingual Jobs Worldwide, we would like to start our colleague introductions as we do for our Nordic ones.  As maybe some of you already noticed, we have decided to move Multilingual Jobs Worldwide from Barcelona to Oslo and grow both our multilingual recruiter team […]

Working in a Co-Friendly environment

Many studies have shown how important it is to feel comfortable and happy during working hours. This is not always easy, especially in highly competitive industries or if one has a more sensitive personality. Here at Nordic Jobs Worldwide, our culture and the Teams’ well-being is a very strong point for us. Having satisfied and […]