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A day in the life of a recruiter:  Mondays to set the tone!

I don’t know what it is about Monday mornings, but over the past few years I have come to like them. I feel vibrant and energetic and I am keen to find out what’s to come that week.
Now, I guess it all starts with the acceptance of the fact that we all have to work, an inevitable part of life, except for a happy few.
This is also what school is teaching us, indirectly, but I didn’t quite get that as a kid. Every Monday was the kick-off party to another week full of chances to become smarter, happier, funnier, more successful. To develop yourself as a person and as a professional.
It took me years to accept it, and then some more years to embrace it.

So here we are, another Monday morning 7.30 AM.

I’m making my way in to the tram to take me to what is very likely the most beautiful city I’ve ever lived in, Barcelona.
Excited as I am for the workday to start, I have one more hurdle to jump… surviving public transportation (for all you readers out there who come, just like me, from a small town and now live in a major city, you know what I’m going to say next).
It requires some serious swerving skills to not bump into someone using the tram doors as a mirror, some serious patience seeing the person in front of you punch his card the wrong way 3 times (thank god there are only 4 possible ways to punch a card)  and a fair deal of self-restraint to not educate the kid next to me listening to his music …  without headphones.  No sir, I am not in the mood for some “reggaeton” at half past seven in the morning.
Twenty minutes later I’m sitting at my desk going through all the mails that have kept my mailbox company over the weekend.

Generally I’m looking for the following types of mails:
– New job applications for open positions
– Feedback on candidates I have presented to a company
– New opportunities that I’ll be able to recruit for

Mondays feel like an episode of Deadliest Catch, in which rough, fearless men check the fishing pods, in freezing cold temperatures in a raging sea, they had set out a few days before to see if they had caught king crabs.

We too need to make sure all our available positions are on as many job boards as possible so you, the candidate, gets the chance to apply to it and have a chance to create your future!
I make it a priority to call candidates as soon as possible after having received their  application. As a show of appreciation, because applying to a new  job is not always an easy thing to do.
It’s putting yourself in a potential position where you’ll be in a new environment, doing something you might not have done before. It’s indirectly a potential goodbye to your current job and colleagues. For many of you, it’s a move to a foreign country, thousands of kilometres away from friends and family, chasing the unknown adventure.
You cannot but have respect and appreciation for such decisions.

I start calling candidates at 10 o’clock.  Some colleagues start calling earlier but I like 10 o’clock. It is no longer early morning but not quite yet noon.
It’s the hour where the recently graduated or currently unemployed, the overactive sales people and the caring customer service agents seemingly are all most available.

Now, as a recruiter, I live by the phrase ‘preparation is key’.

I love reading CV’s and cover letters (it’s one of the reasons I am a recruiter). And that often takes time.
I want to make sure I understand the background so I can adjust my questions during the interview with regards to the position the candidate is applying for.

Now some of you don’t visit job boards often, so we recruiters take it upon ourselves to reach out to you! I know what you are thinking … why hasn’t a recruiter ever won the noble price.
This act of calling up people to find out if they are interested in one of our open positions is what we call ‘headhunting’.
It depends from recruiter to recruiter and from market to market, but I personally do it nearly every day, for about 2 hours. And I love it. You never know what kind of person you’ll get on the other end of the line.  Will he appreciate me calling? Will he be talkative or reluctant to speak? Will the conversation be long and entertaining, or will it be strictly business and short?

And that is basically what my Mondays are all about: speaking to as many candidates as possible, starting the week of strong by hopefully making people dream of their future lives abroad by presenting them at these amazing companies we work with.

To conclude this blog post I want to direct myself to all people who have been thinking or even dreaming of living and working abroad, but have not yet made the decision to do so because of doubt, because of lack of information.
To you I say, send us a mail. Give us a call. Talk to us. We are not here to SELL you anything, we are here to HELP you make your plans become reality.

Many of us have worked in the companies we have open positions at.
We know them and we know the destinations. We’ll give you honest information.  We’ll make it happen together 😊.


Ruben Janssens - International Recruiter, Dutch Specialist
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