Dear readers,

The situation worldwide being difficult, Multilingual Jobs worldwide is taking actions to help job seekers. We created this blog post to help you to find a job as quickly as possible (word of a recruiter)! 

  • First key: update your profile.

When you are searching for a new role it is crucial to update your CV as well as your social networks. Your CV is your “business card”, your chances to get to the interview stage are higher if your CV is clear, easy-to-read (and typo-proof) and updated (current address, phone number, e-mail address, last job, etc.).

Moreover, employers and recruiters look at social media profiles. We advise you to check that your photos and content are appropriate and consider that everybody can have access to it.

  • Second key: contact a recruitment agency, contact us!

A recruitment agency like us, Multilingual jobs worldwide, is recruiting candidates in Europe for other companies. Our role is to find the perfect applicant for our client, and to prepare them as much as we can to succeed. It’s therefore in your interest to contact a recruiter that can coach and update you regarding open positions. Consider us a free coach!

Extra tip: We don’t bite and we will be very helpful!

  • Third key: get organized.

It’s important to keep track of the positions you have applied for, especially before being contacted by a recruiter. Recruiters are often faced with calling a candidate who doesn’t remember that (s)he applied for the position and it doesn’t look professional. A simple spreadsheet works best to keep a track of the jobs you’ve applied for and where you have been invited to interview.

We also advise candidates to spend more time on fewer applications. You might think that you would get more opportunities by applying to a multitude of companies, but you are more likely to find success with targeted and considered applications.

Extra tip: A nice “to do list” or some colours help you to enjoy the process!

  • Fourth key: prepare for all job interviews.

Before an interview, it is a great idea to develop responses for standard interview questions and to practice them with a friend, network contact, or family member. The more prepared you are for the interview, the more comfortable you’ll be – and the more likely you’ll succeed!

Extra tip: Listen to “Eye of the tiger” 5 minutes before the interview for a mega boost!

  • Fifth and last key: continue following up with hiring managers.

Following up with the hiring manager regularly shows your interest and enthusiasm for the job. The key is doing so in a way that is professional while not making you sound desperate.

 If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us through mails or social networks. We would be very happy to help you. 🙂


Stay safe!