Hi again! This week, we have a special week at the office. We are having a fun competition which includes some playing cards and chasing the best poker hand. One can see how much new energy this has brought to the teams too. However, today it is time to introduce you to another new Multilingual Jobs Worldwide colleague, Camille. She started in the company in the beginning of October and her first weeks have been very successful. Today we want to talk about her a bit more. Who is she? Where does she come from? What does she like? Let’s see!

Camille comes from France and is therefore, naturally, a native French speaker. She was born in Rennes, which is a city of 220 000 inhabitants in the northwestern part of France. During her life, she has also lived in Le Mans and Tours. As a child Camille was an adventurous person, always exploring forests and loving travelling. She has always loved animals a lot and according to her this is because of her grandparents who were farmers. In addition to these, Camille was a huge fan of baking mud cakes!

Her love for travelling has taken her to several places in the world, including the Dominican republic, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Croatia and Norway.  At 17 years old, she moved to Ireland for three months to work as an Au-pair. The exploring of new countries didn’t stop there. A few years later, she decided to move to Norway to study. She ended up studying in Halden for a year doing her exchange for her first year of her masters degree. As a student, Camille says, she is a hard-working one. Ending up in top three of her class, studying international marketing, actually! She loves studying and learning something new everyday, but at the same time she feels it is fun to party and do fun things during the weekends to balance it off. During her exchange year, she met her Norwegian boyfriend and ended up travelling back and forth from Paris to Oslo to visit him after her exchange to get through her last year of studies. Camille wanted to first finish her degree in France and after graduating in August 2019, she was finally able to move to Oslo and live with her boyfriend. Even though that is a happy ending to that story, she of course misses her friends and family in France, but gladly her new job and some new friends here in Norway make it a bit easier.

Friends and family are important to Camille and when asked about her favorite things in life, she mentions one of her favorite things being spending time with them and her boyfriend, of course. Also, her love for forests from when she was a child, has not gone anywhere and she still loves going in the woods for a long walk. After the walk she might prepare a warm meal and enjoy it with a glass of wine, like a true French person. 😉 Her other means for relaxation are yoga and painting, and whenever she has some free time over, she leans towards them. In addition to these, Camille loves Harry Potter, shopping in health stores and trying vegan food.

When we then come to the part of the story where Camille joined Multilingual Jobs Worldwide, we can see that she is another one of our new colleagues who was actually headhunted for the position by one of our Delivery Managers, Elisabeth Verkest. Elisabeth contacted Camille via LinkedIn and they had a conversation about the job opportunity and during that talk, Camille realized, this would be the perfect match for her. She was fluent in French and English, and would be able to use both languages in an international environment. She decided to send her CV over, came for an interview a few days later and after a week, she was hired! Her first weeks went nicely according to her and everyone was very welcoming and nice, but it was of course quite tiring too with a lot of new things to digest at the same time.

We hope that Camille will feel as welcomed and positive also in the future, and we will make sure that she does. We are happy to grow the Multilingual team here in Oslo and find gems like Camille to help our candidates. Camille brings to the office, her great sense of humor, lots of laugh and an innovative mind, which are all good qualities in a colleague. So, welcome Camille!

Until next time!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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