Happy hump day all! This week we are continuing our little colleague introductions with another multilingual recruiter who joined the team in the beginning of June. Her name is Elisabeth Verkest and she has been one of the fastest new additions to the team, to get a candidate a job abroad. So, she didn’t need a long time to get the hang of things and realize how to succeed in her new job. Very exciting to see what she will be able to do in the future and what she will grow into! But you are already probably eager to learn more about her, right? Let’s jump in!

Elisabeth has a special story, she is the child of an expatriate and has lived in Germany for 8 year, Belgium for 2 and France for 6 years. She was born in Belgium but quickly her family started moving around and led her to learn several different languages fluently, German, Dutch and French, and additionally English of course. Can you imagine that! What an amazing gift that must be for a person. For her, growing up in different countries, going through multiple school systems and acquiring 4 languages by the age of 11 seemed like a normal thing.

Now looking back, I can see how it enriched my life in ways that would have never been possible otherwise

If diving into how she speaks such great English too, we need to talk about her life in London. She moved there to study and spent 6 exciting years in the city. She says her student years were incredible, all the different cultures, bars, opinions and lifestyles she could experience! Elisabeth studied psychology which was, in her own words, a natural path for her since she has always loved listening to people; understanding their needs, their feelings, their longings. She enjoyed her degree very much, but wanted to gain more corporate experiences and got a job as a Client Relationship Manager working for a contractor management platform scheduling meetings, presenting in front of crowds and doing business development. After a while she felt like she wanted something new again. The big city life was a great experience with loads of new lessons learned, but after those 6 years she felt like it was time for a more mellow-paced lifestyle.

When asked about her hobbies, Elisabeth talks about yoga. After moving to Norway, she realized she needed to join clubs to meet people, so she tried yoga and fell in love!

I did not meet many people, because everyone is meditating in silence (silly me, should have thought about that)

However, even if she didn’t get what she was originally searching for from the yoga studio, the sport became an important way for her to relieve stress from work. The combination of a workout and relaxation that yoga provides, proved very useful in helping with that.

All the new colleagues have been asked the same question during our introduction blog post series, and that is “Is there something special about you?” and Elisabeth said that she loves mornings, earlyearly mornings that is to be exact. She automatically wakes up at 5am, just like that, and is most effective during the morning hours. You can find her running, reading, writing, cleaning at that hour, but she cannot stay awake after 10pm.

Elisabeth ended up at Multilingual Jobs Worldwide when searching for a job where she could combine her love for people and her language skills. She came across our internship position, and after the first phone call with our CEO Rickard, she was sold!

So, now you have a bit of a better understanding of our Elisabeth. If you’d like to have a chat with her about opportunities in French, Dutch, German or English, just pick up the phone and give her a call, she is happy to help! Here you can find her contact information. Talk to you soon with some other new and exciting introductions.

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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