Hello all! As a new addition to our blog here at Multilingual Jobs Worldwide, we would like to start our colleague introductions as we do for our Nordic ones.  As maybe some of you already noticed, we have decided to move Multilingual Jobs Worldwide from Barcelona to Oslo and grow both our multilingual recruiter team as well as the Nordic one under the same roof. So, that brings us to the topic of today, our new Italian recruiter Eleonora Reppucci.


Eleonora is originally from Milan, but like many of us at our office, she has been exploring other countries and cultures in her past. She used to live and study in Dublin a few years ago, when she was completing her Bachelor’s Degree. The reason for going there was that she wanted to experiment how she would manage living alone, working totally independently for the first time in her life. But before leaving for her life abroad, she was leading a busy but fulfilling life in Italy. Let’s go into that a bit more..

Eleonora is very close to her family, especially her grandmother and when she used to live in Italy, she visited her often, a couple of times a week actually. She studied at the University of Milan and every time she had the chance, she went for a visit and had lunch with her grandparents, which was a small thing, but made her days so much happier. Her spare time was filled with meeting up with friends and family, and studies at the university.

My life in Milano was very full, a bit stressful, but beautiful.

However, even though her love for her family and her beautiful life in Milan, she felt like living in Italy was not enough, she wanted more. She wanted to create something for herself. She wanted her own story, her personality, her identity, her unique way. She studied three languages, cultures and society development, and is a curious person at heart, always eager to learn more constantly. Her main interest is with languages, cultures and environments. She has been studying German for 13 years, Spanish for 4 and English since she was born, and for the last year or two, she has learned Norwegian too. She says that she is not a typical Italian woman. She does love her country, because it represents her history, her family and her friends, but she doesn’t identify herself with the Italian society or culture of today anymore. To create her own future, and to follow her passion with different cultures, she started applying for jobs abroad, and when she got a project in the oil and gas industry in Norway, she took it immediately!

Eleonora says that, honestly speaking, Norway was never in her plans. In the beginning, she was moving to Paris for a project with Eni in Saipem. When she already was ready and prepared to go there, the company asked if she could actually move to Norway, where they had a lack in personnel, instead. She said yes. The truth was that all the candidates they had found, wanted to go to Paris and no one wanted to move to Norway. Eleonora was of another opinion and said to them “I don’t care where the project is, if you need to send me to the north pole for this work, DO IT”. And according to her words, they really did that! Haha!

That was a crazy moment!

In regards to work, Eleonora’s background is everything but recruitment actually. In her past she has worked within the fitness field and the oil and gas industry. For four years, she was working as a gymnastic coach for children and teenagers, aged 3-14, on the side of her studies. In addition, she was teaching classes at 360 degrees for total body training and aerobics. Eleonora loved helping people move and understand the potential they had in their bodies. Making them feel active, able to do new things all the time as well as reach their goals, made her super happy. On top of that, the greatest satisfaction was seeing their smiles after the lessons, and them saying “I look forward to our next lesson”.

When I was a gymnast coach, the biggest satisfaction was seeing my little girls learning and enjoying every single moment of it, like I did when I was a child.

After finishing her studies, she entered the oil and gas industry, taking part in the project that took her all the way to Norway to a totally different role as the engineering document controller, a completely new field of work and an entirely new world. During that time, she learned what it means to work in a company where the majority is men, and deal with different continents like Asia, Afrida, USA, Australia and Europe.

How did Eleonora then end up working for Multilingual Jobs Worldwide? One might think it is a huge leap to take from the oil and gas industry to something like international recruitment, but when one thinks about Eleonora’s personality, it really isn’t. She has multiple sides to her and she can manage different kinds of tasks and roles. She told us that she wanted to use her cultural and linguistic background, invest on it and develop it. She has traveled all of Europe several times before turning 25 and got more and more fascinated and interested about what each city could offer, and how people lived and behaved differently. Studying societies, behaviors, cultures, arts and city structures made her imagine and understand more deeply where we come from and why we are as we are today. Additionally to her fascination with cultures, she wanted to start a career in HR, specifically recruitment. Part of recruitment is about understanding people needs and try to help them in reaching their goal: getting the dream job they are looking for.

In the time I am on this earth I want to make my life useful, give it meaning and make it at the service of the others. I hope I will manage to fulfill this wish of mine through my job.

So, putting these two factors together led to her pursuing a career at MJW. According to Eleonora, she spotted our open positions on LinkedIn, went through our website and became increasingly interested.  For her, being able to connect with completely different people is something fascinating, a challenge that she takes on with a smile. Therefore, she thought working as an international recruiter could be something for her, and sent in her application to us.

At the office, Eleonora brings in a lot of energy each day and has a smile on her face most of the time. She is always interested in learning new things and discussing different topics. She herself says that one of the funny things about her is that she is a real character. She can imitate voices, actors and people very easily, and she finds it fun, especially when imitating cartoon characters like Pokemon or Disney. That is also why we love having her here, what a better way to bring everyone’s spirits up than to have a little fun and be a bit ridiculous sometimes, and what is more, that everyone here can be exactly who they are!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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