Another Thursday is here and it is time for another introductory post for one of our newer colleagues. You know when sometimes you hit a jackpot with internal hiring? Well, we’ve had a few of those of late and today’s star of the blog post, Jessica, is definitely one of them. In our company, internal recruitment is one of the most crucial parts in making us succeed. We feel that the most important factor in our success is the atmosphere at the office and the general attitude of the colleagues. Everything starts with amazing colleagues! Anyways, let’s jump in with learning more about Jessica.

Jessica comes from the Netherlands, from a place called Nijmegen that is situated close to the German border and is the oldest city in all of Holland. Jessica has spent most of life in the city and even finished her studies in psychology there. One could wonder how she ended up leaving her beautiful home town and moving to Norway, well she actually did it for love. According to Jessica, if she hadn’t met her boyfriend, she would probably still live in the Netherlands since she never had really thought about moving to another country. She says she would probably be in the same line of work and possibly doing her first year of a PhD on Neuromuscular diseases.

It is interesting how life goes, but to this day, I would do it all over again.

This move to Norway came at the right time for Jessica. She had been thinking about a career change for sometime and work with something a bit more positive for a change. She had considered working in HR already before but never gave it a shot, so when she found our job advert by accident, she got in touch with us the same day and quickly got hired!

So far I love it, helping people to get a new job is my new calling.

To move on to more of the things that Jessica dabbles with during her free time. Firstly, it has to be mentioned that now we have another champion level athlete in our team (remember Frida and her orienteering championship?). Jessica has been a gymnast and a cheerleader for years in her past and during the years from 2014-2018 she was actually the national champion with her team! This also means that she is still very athletic and flexible even though her more active years in cheerleading are behind her.

When asked about her secret talents or things that most people probably don’t know about, she says she would love to be an opera singer. However, she mentioned that she really doesn’t have the talent, haha! In addition to dreaming about being a fabulous opera singer, Jessica is also interested in learning languages. You might not know this but she also speaks fluent German in addition to her native language Dutch, and during her high school years, when she got really bored, she spent her time at school to teach herself Russian. She did it just to do something new. However, according to Jessica, she has lost all the knowledge over the years.

Even though Jessica never imagined herself moving abroad, she tells us that she loves travelling and if she could, she would travel all over the world! Currently she is focusing on her life her in Oslo and spending her time learning the ropes of her new job and after work, having coffee with friends, watching movies and being active playing sports.

Again, we are happy to welcome Jessica to the team and we wish a all the success in the future! If you’d like to speak to her about some job opportunities abroad, just give her a ring or send her your questions via email. You can find her contact information here.

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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